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Tenant Services


Tenant Web Access

Your Resident portal makes it easy to keep track of payments, violations, and service requests. 

To download the app, select your device platform:
Google Play  or  Apple App Store.

To create your Tenant Web Access account click the button here and follow these steps: 1. On the Login screen, click sign up 2. Enter your account number: [AccountNumber()] 3. Enter your email address on file (this will be your Username) 4. Click sign up 5. Go to your email account for the account finalization email 6. Click the finalize link in the email 7. Create a Password 8. Confirm the Password 9. Click verify 10. Enter your Username and Password to login ‌ While logged into Tenant Web Access, click the tabs at the top of the page to: View your open charges Display your transaction history Make a payment Opt into free credit reporting Create a service ticket to report a non-emergency issue (for emergencies, please call our office) Manage payment information

Community Guidelines
& Violations

Quiet Hours​

  • Residents must maintain quiet hours from 10:00PM to 8:00AM. 

  • Loud noises, parties, and disruptive activities are prohibited during quiet hours. 

  • Initial noise violation warnings will be issued. 

  • Subsequent violations may result in fines of $100. 


  • Residents must park only in designated parking areas. Individual parking spaces are not assigned. 

  • Guest parking is limited to one [1] and are allowed for a maximum of 7 days.

  • After 7 days, guests must be registered at the office. 

  • Parking in unauthorized areas may lead to towing or fines of $250. 

  • Unauthorized vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense. 

Trash and Recycling 

  • All trash must be placed in designated containers. Valet trash pickup days are: 
    Sunday to Thursday from 8pm to 9pm 

  • Make sure all trash is inside the container provided.

  • Trash that has not been disposed of correctly will not be picked up. 

  • Please inform the office if you do not have a trash container. 

  • Recycling guidelines must be followed for proper disposal. 


Pet Policy 

  • Pets are allowed with a maximum of one [1] pet per unit. 

  • Pet deposit and pet rent is required. 

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside units. 

  • Please pick up after your pet; failure to do this will result in a lease violation and a fee to your account. 



  • Smoking is prohibited within Residences at the MED premises, including individual units. 


  • Patios need to be kept clean and decluttered. Patio chairs and up to 2 plants are allowed. 

  • Furniture, propane, clothes, shoes, and big grills are not allowed.


Common Areas 

  • Common areas are to be kept clean and free of personal items and trash, including the Mail Center. 

  • Residents are responsible for any damages caused to common areas. 

Lease Violations and Potential Fines 

Late Rent Payment 

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. 

$100 late fee will be applied to your account on the 4th day if payment is not received. Utilities must be paid with the rent.


Any person found littering will be assessed a fine of $100.


Any trash bag left outside the unit will result in a lease violation and a fee of $50 per bag.


Unauthorized Occupants 

Residents must inform management of any additional occupants. 

Unauthorized occupants may result in fines of $100. 


Pet Violations 

Failure to clean up after pets may result in a fine of $250. 

Violations of pet policy may lead to fines up to $250. 


Parking in unauthorized areas may lead to fines of $250. 


The rules, regulations, and potential fines outlined in this document are subject to change. Residents will be informed in advance of any updates. This document serves as a guideline for maintaining a harmonious living environment and ensuring the well-being of all residents. By signing the lease agreement, residents acknowledge and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this document.

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