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Residences at the MED: A Year In Review

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as we reflect on a year of growth at Residences at the MED. From bustling investments to community enhancements, we've been on a remarkable ride over the past twelve months. Join us as we take a captivating stroll down memory lane, wrapped in the delightful experiences that have defined our year. It's time to celebrate your home at Residences at the MED and relive the updates and improvements that made this year our best yet.

Our Best Year Yet

One of the many important improvements made to Residences at the MED in 2023 is that 49 tenant buildings had their main water shut-off valves replaced. This move allows residents in those 49 buildings more opportunity to be stewards of their consumption and minimize water wastage. It’s an important step in improving our infrastructure for generations to come.

Throughout 2023, we’ve invested more than $10,000 in upgrades to property infrastructure – including repairing railings, walkways, landscaping and much more. Whether repairs/upgrades affected one resident or every resident, it made our community stronger.

We hired a new team of tenant support specialists this year. Available six days a week to help with residents' every need – from maintenance to move-in, to communication and more – our team of highly experienced professionals is here for our residents when they need us most. With weekly email distribution to all tenants, you’ve heard from them before. If you haven’t spoken with them, though, we strongly encourage that you reach out and build those relationships with our staff to improve your living experience.

With a new, fully functioning gate that requires a key card or access code to get through, we are officially a gated community!  Residents can now rest assured that only those who’ve been given access can get into our community. We pride ourselves on community safety, and we’re happy to ensure that you can feel safer in our quiet downtown Houston community.

With an investment of approximately $400,000 in electrical upgrades in 2023, we’re ensuring our community can more securely stand up to Texas weather. Whether it was replacing transformers entirely, building new ground-wire connections or investing in generators to keep the lights on during hurricane season, we’re providing power to our resilient neighborhood, and peace of mind to our resilient tenants. The weather may be unpredictable, but our power sources are not.

Our Maintenance Team is always busy! No matter the issue, our maintenance staff worked round the clock this year to complete maintenance requests in a timely fashion. Whether it was a plumbing issue, an air conditioner on the fritz, or perhaps a light that needed replacing, maintenance was there to fix it all. We fixed garbage disposals and leaky pipes; we replaced windows and appliances. Whatever our residents needed, we were there.

We’ve spent more than $90,000 this year investing in exterior property maintenance/improvements. From painting to signage to weatherproofing, every improvement made is for the betterment of our community and our residents. While some of these can be seen at a glance, others – such as replacing our sewer lines – lay beneath the earth’s surface, there to prevent issues from ever occurring in the first place. You might not see it, but that’s the point.

Residences at the MED is a community that more than 1,000 Houstonians call home. Our residents are moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas. Our youngest resident is just a few months old, and our oldest is well into his eighties. We take pride in this community and the fact that it is a space for everyone, regardless of their stage of life. RMED is a place you can be proud to call home.

Whether you’re from Houston, or you now call Houston home, there’s a place for you here at Residences at the MED. With residents who hail from six continents and speak twelve languages, our community is a melting pot of multiculturalism from around the globe. Residents are the true embodiment of kindness and charm, reminding us that we can all live in harmony together and that our collective cultures make us better.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As we wrap up this year in review for the Residences at the MED, we want to extend our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season to you. It has been a remarkable year, filled with shared experiences, laughter, and growth, and we are deeply grateful to have such an incredible community call this place home. Your presence and commitment to creating a welcoming neighborhood has made this year memorable.


Thank you for being outstanding residents and wonderful neighbors. Here's to a bright and prosperous future, and may your holidays be filled with love, warmth, and happiness. Happy Holidays!


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